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Focusing on Comfort since 1904

No other mattress is made like a Kingsdown mattress. Since 1904, Kingsdown has been handcrafting the world's smartest luxury mattresses. Their exclusive approach to manufacturing is unrivaled and their steadfast commitment to sleep health – backed by research, data collection and meticulous testing – is evident in every extraordinary mattress they make. When you sleep on a Kingsdown mattress, you'll feel the difference a smart mattress makes on your quality of sleep, and more importantly, on your quality of life.

All Kingsdown mattresses are carefully constructed by highly-skilled craftsmen who share ownership in the company. So when they embroider the Kingsdown name on each sleep set, it's their name, and it carries more than 100 years of quality and ingenuity.

sleep, made smarter

Sleep to Live by Kingsdown

You and your partner will wake every morning ready to take on the day when each of you benefit from the individualized comfort and support only offered by Sleep To Live.

Precision OptiCoil™ design for optimal support using BedMATCH®

  • Full surround edge-to-edge support to maintain individual comfort

  • 5 zone support foam that provides full-body anatomical support

Kingsdown Passions

Hybrid comfort with the finest coil support from cover to core.

Kingsdown Passions

Traditional Innerspring comfort at an Exceptional value.