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Good's Furniture & Mattress

Learn more about the storied history and business principles that guide Good's Furniture and Mattress in Kewanee, IL.

E.S. Good

Our Story

We invite you to visit us and stroll through our 12 historic, multi-level buildings, spanning three city blocks. You will find America’s most wanted furniture in beautiful, inspiring displays at the prices you deserve. Make it a day of fun wandering the Shops @ Market Square, and even enjoy an evening in one of our Bed & Breakfast Suites! Along your journey, take a ride in one of our many glass elevators, cruise the skywalks, and be sure to check out Elmer's original shop that started it all. Oh, and don't miss our old delivery truck from yesteryear; now serving as a staircase for all to enjoy or the Old Mill Fishpond. From furniture, accents, bedding and more; if you don't find it here, chances are you won't find it anywhere!

E.S. Good (Pictured)

Great Grandpa Good's Nine Principles of Good Business


E.S. Good established this business with the idea that what is best for our customers is best for us. After over a century of satisfied customers, this principle remains steadfast. Everyone at Good’s understands this and works very hard to ensure that your experience with us is outstanding.


We buy only from furniture makers who offer high quality items with strong warranties and exemplary quality control.


We believe that prices should be kept to a bare minimum on everything we sell. And, we believe they should stay that way, every day. We do not – and will not – participate in the common retail practice of marking up prices one day, and then down the next. No trumped-up sales. No hype. Just honest-to-goodness value and service, day in and day out.


We are able to sell for less because we operate efficiently in a great community. Our Good folks are talented and hard-working and share in the success of Good’s.


We are able to sell for less because we have one location. We have spared the expense of duplicating display, general office, and other overhead costs. Most importantly, we pass those savings on to you.


Our location in Kewanee, Illinois - The Heartland of America, also helps us to sell for less. Operating a business in a small, well-run community like Kewanee offers many advantages, such as lower rents and lower taxes. Again, we pass those savings on to you.


Good’s is family-owned and family-operated. The friendships and efficiencies that come from operating such a business close to the heart for over a century are invaluable to us.


We believe in serving everyone equally. We post our everyday low prices in plain view for all to see and are very proud of our ability to sell for less. There are no special deals. Everyone gets our best price, without having to ask or haggle.


Along with our lower, everyday prices, you get service, service and more service! Professional decorating assistance, expert preparation of your order, and premium in-home delivery.

No hype, no phony sales, just honest to goodness value and service every day!


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