How to Arrange Reclining Furniture

Posted on February 6th, 2019 by goodsfurniture.

If you’ve decided to add some reclining furniture to your living area, there are many choices you’ll have to make as you shop for the right pieces. Not only will you have to choose between a reclining chair, sofa or sectional, you’ll also need to select the right fabric and color to match your overall decor scheme. With the pieces selected, you’ll be faced with making decisions about the size and dimensions of your pieces.

Believe it or not, figuring out how to arrange recliners can be a complicated matter, especially if you live in a small space. A recliner may fit into your living area when it is closed, but as you lay back you might encounter other furniture or wall surfaces. You don’t want to leave your reclining furniture in a place where it constantly rubs against another surface, as both textiles can get worn or damaged over time.

Here are some tips on how to arrange recliners in your living area from the experts at Good’s Furniture.

Make a Diagram to Help You Plan a Layout

Instead of waiting until you have the furniture to try different layouts, try creating a scale diagram of your living space and planning where each piece of furniture will go. Looking at it on paper will help you see any possible issues that might crop up as you arrange the furniture, like a lack of enough room for walking around the space. This planning will save time and effort when you actually have the pieces brought into your home.

Use Corners to Your Advantage

A corner where two walls meet is a natural place to put a reclining chair, since it provides a space the recliner can naturally ease back into. To avoid any issues, make sure to place the recliner a few feet in front of the wall surface so you have the space you need to ease back without any friction between the chair fabric and the wall.

Add a Small Accent to Keep Things Balanced

If you’ve chosen a large recliner or overstuffed sofa to put in your living room, the larger dimensions of this piece can immediately capture the eye of any visitor who enters. To create more visual interest, try placing a smaller item next to the couch or chair to balance it out. Choose an accent table, tall plant or interesting floor lamp to draw visual interest in another direction and create a more balanced room. You can also use standout art pieces on the wall space over or around the chair to help draw the eye upward.

If you’re looking for the right reclining furniture to integrate into your living room, visit Good’s Furniture to see our wide selection of recliners, sofas and sectionals for every budget. Our team of experienced professionals can help you understand how to arrange recliners in your current space to get the look you want.

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