How to Accessorize your Living Room for the Holidays

Posted on December 13th, 2018 by goodsfurniture.


With so many cute holiday themed living room accessories on the market, it’s easy to get caught up in buying things you like and forget about the bigger picture: how will they come together in your home?

Before you head out to shop for new living room accessories, take a few moments to consider how you’d like your finished room to look and what is on your agenda this holiday season. If you’ll be hosting large groups, you can incorporate accessories that help to make them feel comfortable. Planning to add some practical elements along with decorative accents will help you be stress free and stylish this holiday season.

Add Practical Elements to Make Hosting Easier

There are many stylish furnishings and decor elements that not only add to the visual richness of the room, but also make it easier for you to host many guests at once. A storage ottoman not only adds seating to your living area, it also gives you a handy place to store extra blankets that guests may need.

Add more side tables to give yourself an easy place to put appetizers and drinks, and stop guests from crowding around one single location to get snacks. If you’re in the market for a new couch, consider one that pulls out into a sofa bed where guests can get a restful sleep.

Bring in Festive Lighting

There are many ways to bring holiday inspired lighting into your living room. Decorative LED candles give a flickering glow without creating a fire hazard. Red tinged lights add a more traditional charm, perfect for families with young kids or the young at heart.

If you don’t have a fireplace or do not want to deal with the mess starting a fire brings, an electric fireplace or insert gives the effect of a roaring fireplace without any of the headaches. Placing plenty of lamps around the room makes it easy for guests to see but keeps the lighting softer than harsh overhead lights.

Make It Comfy

After a big Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas lunch, family members and friends are going to want to tuck in for a little rest or even a short nap. Add pillows in lush fabrics, like faux fur, chenille or wool, to help your living room feel welcoming and cozy.

Stock up on blankets in soft, warm fabrics for cold natured family and friends. If you have wood or tile flooring, adding a high pile rug keeps your guests from getting cold feet if they choose not to wear socks or slippers all day long.

If you are shopping for stylish but functional living room accessories, Good’s Furniture has exactly what you need. Visit our location to see the wide range of decorative items to help bring the holiday spirit into your home.


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