How to Make Your Bedroom the Most Peaceful Room in the House

Posted on April 19th, 2019 by goodsfurniture.

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The kitchen may be the heart of the house, and the living room may be the fun space, but above all else, the bedroom is the most important room. Sleep and rest are among the most crucial components of a healthy lifestyle, and your bedroom should be the most peaceful room in your entire home. It all comes down to making the right furnishings and decor decisions. Located in Kewanee, Good’s Furniture offers some of the best bedroom furniture in Illinois. But whether you’re actively shopping for furniture or are just starting to browse, here are some tips to help you create the perfect serene bedroom for the rest of your life:


Use Calming Colors


Good’s Furniture has the best bedroom furniture in Illinois with a wide range of colors to choose from. That said, the most important colors for the bedroom are those that sooth and relax. For most people, that means calming neutral tones and blue shades. The entire room should not be furnished in all one color, but rather those that complement each other without popping out too much. This even applies to the bedding itself – we recommend it be in beige, white, alabaster, blue tones or similar colors. You can stimulate and excite the mind with other spaces in your home. In the bedroom, it’s important to keep shades calm so you can relax and get a good night’s sleep.


Keep it Organized with Dressers and Drawers


A cluttered, messy bedroom both stimulates the mind and causes anxiety. Shelves are great, but take care not to over-clutter them or throw items on hastily. Instead, it’s a good idea to choose a dresser or a chest of drawers to organize clothing, accessories and even bed linens. Benches with lower shelves or storage compartments will also contribute to a tidy, relaxed atmosphere.


Get a Comfortable Bed


We really can’t stress this one enough. The bed itself should be fairly simple in visual design and comfortable (Good’s Furniture supplies both complete beds and separate headboards in all sizes). An upholstered headboard is a great choice here, and those who like to feel cozy will particularly enjoy a headboard that is curved in at the sides. Tall headboards will also help draw attention to the bed, the most relaxing piece of furniture in the room. They’re also great for arranging decorative pillows.

The mattress itself is the most important item you will get for your bedroom. It should be as supportive as it is comfortable in order to provide the most effective, restful sleep. The Good Life Sleep Studio is a great place to get the mattress you need because of its handcrafted lineup stemming from 124 years of research. There are many options to choose from here because we understand sleep and comfort preferences vary for each person.


Decorate with Accessories that Make You Happy


A bedroom is not one’s own until it is truly personalized. Add artwork, a gorgeous rug, framed family photos, throw pillows, wall art, etc. Anything that appeals to your inner sense of peace will do. In addition to supplying some of the best bedroom furniture in Illinois, Good’s Furniture also offers a big selection of decor and other accessories.

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