How to Make the Most of Your Guest Bedroom

Posted on November 19th, 2018 by goodsfurniture.

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Many homeowners create a guest room using whatever extra furniture items they have hanging around from bedroom furniture stores, placing them wherever they might have space until the room is full. This can lead to guests not being as comfortable as you might like them to be, because the room hasn’t been laid out to function as well as it could.

With some planning and the right elements, you can make the most of your guest bedroom furniture space and create a room that any invitees will enjoy staying in.

Keep It Neutral and Suitable For All Ages

Unless you know that you’ll only be hosting kids, you want to stay away from going all in on a juvenile theme that keeps older visitors from feeling comfortable. Stick to neutral tones that will have a soothing and calming effect when visitors come in and turn the lights down. Avoiding bright colors will have the added benefit of making your space look bright and airy.

Choose Furniture The Right Size For Your Room

If your guest room is small, as many guest bedrooms are, a king-sized bed may not be the best use of your space. Consider space-saving options that can still provide a good night’s rest for your friends and family, like trundle beds, daybeds or a sleeper sofa.

Though they don’t offer the same amount of space as a traditional bed, there’s ample space for one person who is only spending a few nights. When you aren’t expecting anyone, this can be a sitting area or a place for you to work from home or do hobbies.

If you host guests often, it’s a good idea to have a queen-sized bed with a great mattress that’s comfortable for anyone in town. Your guests will feel right at home, have plenty of space to stretch out, and appreciate your generosity!

Leave Room To Breathe

The most important thing for a guest room is comfort. Prioritize designing your guest room around things that make your guests feel more at home, like a comfortable mattress, plenty of storage space to unpack belongings and a quiet spot to sit and relax. You can use any open square-footage to add furniture that guests will use on a daily basis, like lighting that makes it easier to read a book, a chair and ottoman where they can relax, or a side table where they can lay important items for the next day.

If you’re hoping to get the most out of your guest room, Good’s Furniture has everything you need to make it as functional as possible. Visit us today to see our best guest bedroom furniture options and decide which ones are right for your home.

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