How to bring HGTV’s Home Town look to your house

Posted on March 4th, 2019 by goodsfurniture.

Like many of the popular shows on HGTV, the Home Town show has inspired many fans to try and replicate the look of  homes on the show.Like the Property Brothers or Chip and Joanna Gaines before them, Ben and Erin Napier have a distinctive approach and style. Renovations bring a touch of hometown Southern charm to each space, using modern farmhouse inspired pieces while incorporating color to keep things light, bright and modern. Ben and Erin’s mission is to restore and highlight the charm of a space instead of breaking it down and starting over. This makes for compelling television and impressive results on the show, but it also makes it hard to create the same results on your own at home.

If you’re trying to bring the look of Home Town to your living room, here are some tips to help you achieve this look:

Embrace What Makes The Space Unique

A key part of the Napiers’ philosophy is preserving the unique charm of a home, whether that means repairing an old fireplace instead of putting in a new one or restoring the original wood floors instead of getting new flooring materials. Whatever parts of your home add character, highlight them by placing furniture in areas that will not draw visual interest away from them. For example, if you have a beautiful bay window, try placing chairs on either side to frame the area instead of putting a couch in front that may block the view.

Don’t Be Afraid of The Imperfect

Using found materials and vintage pieces is a key component in Home Town’s inspired style, but the very nature of these pieces means that they might be far from perfect. A piece that tells a story may not be as perfect as a brand-new one out of the box, but this is all part of the charm a found piece brings to your space. Remember that fading, aging or small scratches on an item you want to re-use shouldn’t deter you from including it in the house.

Keep The Light Flowing

No matter what colors and furnishings the Napiers use to decorate a room, the one constant in every layout is the abundance of light. If your home doesn’t get much natural light, there are many creative ways to add more. Add lamps of different heights to draw the visitor’s eye up towards the ceiling, which naturally makes the room seem bigger. You can also change your existing light fixture to one that incorporates more bulbs to give the entire room more overhead light.

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